Instagram recap

A recap of my Instagram posts from June to July 2013.


Prada SS13 shoes and SS12 shirt


Queues at Prada on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré


Prada AW13




Plaza Athénée


Prada SS13


Saint-Honoré pastry at Ladurée


Prada SS13

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Instagram recap

A recap of my Instagrams from March to May.

Givenchy AW12 satin t-shirt

The Prada SS13 Real Fantasies book

Prada SS13

Prada Gatsby pieces in Harrods

Theatre time in Prada AW12 printed shirt

Bond Street

Prada SS13 shirt

Yves Saint Laurent AW12 razor blade shirt and Prada jeans

Prada SS12 silk shirt and John Smedley rollneck

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Today’s Outfit #1

Today I’m wearing a shark print jumper from Givenchy (AW12); a cartoon print t-shirt by Prada (SS12); a pair of black Gucci jeans and some brown Boggi boots.



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The Inexplicable

I started this post by writing an in-depth report on my thoughts and feelings, and an explanation on why I haven’t posted as of late.

However, after 500 words of fancy adjectives, I remembered this amaaazing jumper I saw on Mr Porter yesterday.

Givenchy Appliqued Jumper, £265 from Mr Porter


Anyhow, in short, I took something very unserious (this website) very seriously, and I eventually lost inspiration. But after a complete upheaval of the mind, I’ve decided that the website will remain online: as ultimately, I simply must tell someone about these Pradarific-chicophany’s of the mind I keep on having…

P.S. If anyone’s out there, say hello!

P.P.S. a.m.c: there will invariably be much, much more Prada!

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iPhone Outfits

Apologies for being so idle as of late; I’m currently holidaying (unwillingly) in a very traditional, completely unfashionable town(?) in what seems to be the furthest reaching point on earth, away from anything remotely human, let alone chic.

Irregardless, me being the enigma I am, chose to let individuality prevail, and wore this (or last) season’s latest.

Cringeworthy speech over, a few pieces I’ve worn over the past few days.

(Sorry for the scene-less photographs…)


Givenchy pre-autumn/winter


Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012


Burberry (season unknown; or to some, vintage?)


Prada spring/summer 2012


Kenzo autumn/winter 2012

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Ecstasy in the form of Prada

After over a month’s contemplating – and more so waiting – I finally have my euphoric Prada shirt!

I’ve wanted this shirt for what seems to be a very long time (just over a month), but unfortunately Prada didn’t have any short sleeve shirts left. Fortunately, they had the one I wanted in long sleeve, and thanks to Prada’s in-house tailors, I now have the shirt of my dreams.

I also have a t-shirt in this print, but I much prefer the shirt. Rather eclectic, don’t you think?

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