Prima Donna Elephants

During my recent trip to Bali, I visited the local elephant safari park, where I was able to ride a rather temperamental little elephant named Ramona. At 45 years old, she’s been working at the park for over 25 years, and as a result formed relationships with her fellow elephants. Unfortunately, Ramona and the elephant in front were seemingly on bad terms. Luckily, after a decadent show of faculty and power (consisting of a whip and a blow of the trunk), Ramona let the elephant behind pass, and we were back on track.

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Balinese Supermarket

I’m not sure what I found so interesting about this supermarket. I just think it’s somewhat intriguing..

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The Kecak Dance


Last night we watched what is known as the ‘Kecak Dance’. It went on for roughly 45 minutes, and is more todo with sounds rather than looks, making it hard to describe with photos. But I’ll try anyway..

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Masseuse’s Grudge

It all started on Wednesday. I was getting a massage from this masseuse (presumably a trainee), and I was taking my top off (hence why I think she’s a trainee; usually masseuse’s don’t tell you strip on the spot), and I accidentally hit her in the head with my hand. Ever since, my massages just haven’t been the same.

Anyway, life goes on.

I’ve just gone into the spa reception and I think I may have slightly traumatised the receptionist. I first told here I’d like a Full Body Papaya Body Polish at 8 tonight. Then I’d like an Ancient Balinese Massage at 1pm tomorrow, followed by a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage at 6pm. Finally, I asked for a Full Body Oriental Body Polish 8am Friday, my last day.

This was all, of course, after a few dozen animated facial expressions, all with the same undertone: “Please leave. You’re confusing me.”

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