Reminiscence of Singapore

It’s a rare occasion when I am so utterly blown away by something that I choose not to capture the moment with my camera. Singapore is a moment like that…

Evidently, conformity can be a good thing…

The glory that is Orchard Road.

Until next time…

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Shopping on Orchard Road

I arrived in Singapore later than planned, so ended up having about 4 hours to buy everything.

ION Orchard was my first destination, as I knew that Prada’s flagship store was there.

I bought a pair of blue loafers, a blue patterned shirt, and 2 t-shirts.

I then went to Louis Vuitton and purchased a thin, blue, over-sized jumper with a rectangular neck.

ION didn’t have a Gucci, so I walked down to the Paragon, and reserved a fitted red-shirt, but unfortunately didn’t have to time to go back and buy it, so I got it sent back to the UK (should be here within 2 weeks).

Givenchy also had a store in the Paragon; albeit a minuscule one. They had most of the Bird of Paradise collection, and I was tempted to buy the jumper with half a front, but originally I’d intended to buy the Bird of Paradise t-shirt, so I got it sent back home as they didn’t have my size.

At this point I was rushing, sweating, had blisters everywhere, but all I could think about was Versace. I couldn’t leave Singapore without a visit, so I got a taxi to Marina Bay Sands, as Silvia from had mentioned they had a store there.

Ultimately I didn’t buy anything from Versace. There was a green shirt that I loved, but they only had Large, and it was also really expensive. In spite of that, visiting Marina Bay Sands was definitely an experience.

Valentino and Burberry were amongst the other stores I visited, but I’m not sure where they were.

All in all, an amazing 4 hour shopping trip! I’m definitely going to stay in Singapore longer next time.

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Singapore is so beautiful. Everywhere looks so clean! In some ways, I wish the UK was more like Singapore – in more way than one.

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Prada and Louis Vuitton

Currently sat at Spageddies at Terminal 3, Changi International Airport, Singapore. I’ve bought 3 things from Prada as well as a pair of shoes, and a cool jumper thing from Louis Vuitton.

Will post later – too tired!


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Singapore Marina

On Tuesday, as we were landing at Changi, I took this beautiful photo. I think it’s the Singapore marina, but I don’t know for sure. (To be honest, I’ve no idea what it is, it might just be the sea.)



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