Prada AW13 Menswear

An unkempt twist of nonchalance on sartorial classics, with a somewhat grungy colour palette, and overwhelming air of slovenliness. Somewhat golfingesque and reminiscent of SS12. Fabulous jackets and shoes, too…


  1. Just got the worst news ever for a Prada customer. Starting with Spring 2013, they’re giving a 20% markup for all Special Orders/Special Requests/Made to Order shirts. That just sucks. I hate to say it but part of me wants to give up Prada.

    • Where’ve you heard about this? And why such a big jump! Thank goodness I’ve some on order already!! How extremely frustrating! A few percent would be understandable but 20% seems rather excessive! At least it’s not for Ready to Wear too, though!!

      • From my SA in Italy. I’m still trying to get the exact details but she said it will affect all special orders or items that were shown in the runway but were not produced or not carried in the nearby stores. Not sure if it’s worldwide or just in Europe or in Italy.

        It’s appalling!

        • Oh so it includes runway pieces?! What a nuisance! Is there a specific start date or will it start with new collection pieces?

          • They said it has taken effect already so I’m not sure when it has exactly started and what it actually covers. Oh well. I live in a country with a Prada store that does not carry Ready to Wear so I have to rely on special orders. And I tend to purchase the ones on the runway versus the watered down version in the stores. Such sad news.

          • I bought a few of the silk SS12 printed shirts a month ago and they seemed considerably more expensive than usual so it may well have been implemented already. It is indeed!

            What did you think of the new AW13 collection?

  2. I thought the AW13 collection was slightly better than the SS13. I miss crazy Prada prints on the runway though. However, knowing me, I’ll still probably buy a lot of the items. I tend to go for the runway versions and the ones that weren’t produced.

    • I’m really not keen on the AW13 collection but the SS13 is growing on me. I loved the AW13 shoes though. I’m hoping the women’s show will have something I like !

      Oh my gosh me too !!! I was praying for an almighty comeback this season but to no avail.

      What have been your favourite shows of the season so far ?

      • My favorite has got to be Dries Van Noten. I have a soft spot for Dries.

        I already placed my special orders for Prada SS13! The coats are questionable though. The fit is so boxy! It makes you look frumpy so I’m still on the fence about the SS13 coats.

        I want that gingham coat from AW13! It’s so quirky. Like a schoolboy coat. I want it bad. And the yellow leather jacket. At least AW13 excites me with some items and the shoes but I hope SS14 is like crazy psychotic Prada. I want prints!!!

        • The coloured leather jackets from Prada AW12 were FABULOUS !! I also loved the intergalactic-esque theme from Dior Homme and the entire Valentino collection !

          By special orders do you mean coats and shirts etc.? I love the simplistic bi-coloured t-shirts and the thick collared shirts !! I loved the fur but I’ve never have a chance to wear it !

          One can only hope !

          P.S. please post some of your fabulous made-to-measure pieces on your Tumblr (or blog if you have one) !!

          • I added you on Instagram! I have some pictures of them there. My old phone was crappy though! Haha. I have a new one now so I can take clearer pictures. I have lots of Prada pieces. I am a die hard Prada customer since 2008 since Prada SS08 was the reason I got into Prada.

            I have to resort to Special Orders because sometimes it gets watered down once it’s sold in stores. For example, the shirts (gun shirt, knight prints) last AW12 had smaller collars once it hit the racks. I was given the option to have it 3 cm longer just like the ones displayed on the runway.

            For SS13, I got the shirts and the trousers and the sandals. There were very few to choose from cause they were all in the same styles! Hahaha. Still thinking of getting at least one coat.

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