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Givenchy Spring Summer 2013

There was a surprisingly elegant air to Givenchy’s latest collection, whilst obviously maintaing it’s edgy persona through interesting shapes and cuts…

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Today’s Outfit #1

Today I’m wearing a shark print jumper from Givenchy (AW12); a cartoon print t-shirt by Prada (SS12); a pair of black Gucci jeans and some brown Boggi boots.



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The Inexplicable

I started this post by writing an in-depth report on my thoughts and feelings, and an explanation on why I haven’t posted as of late.

However, after 500 words of fancy adjectives, I remembered this amaaazing jumper I saw on Mr Porter yesterday.

Givenchy Appliqued Jumper, £265 from Mr Porter


Anyhow, in short, I took something very unserious (this website) very seriously, and I eventually lost inspiration. But after a complete upheaval of the mind, I’ve decided that the website will remain online: as ultimately, I simply must tell someone about these Pradarific-chicophany’s of the mind I keep on having…

P.S. If anyone’s out there, say hello!

P.P.S. a.m.c: there will invariably be much, much more Prada!

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