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Balinese Italian

After the dance, we went to eat at what we thought was an Italian restaurant – Pizza Bagus; the best Italian in the whole of Bali!

Well, the place mats were cardboard cutouts, the garlic bread was bread with olive oil, and the pizza was interesting, for lack of a better word.

There was one good thing about the meal, though – and that was the price: £8.

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Masseuse’s Grudge

It all started on Wednesday. I was getting a massage from this masseuse (presumably a trainee), and I was taking my top off (hence why I think she’s a trainee; usually masseuse’s don’t tell you strip on the spot), and I accidentally hit her in the head with my hand. Ever since, my massages just haven’t been the same.

Anyway, life goes on.

I’ve just gone into the spa reception and I think I may have slightly traumatised the receptionist. I first told here I’d like a Full Body Papaya Body Polish at 8 tonight. Then I’d like an Ancient Balinese Massage at 1pm tomorrow, followed by a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage at 6pm. Finally, I asked for a Full Body Oriental Body Polish 8am Friday, my last day.

This was all, of course, after a few dozen animated facial expressions, all with the same undertone: “Please leave. You’re confusing me.”

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Seminyak Beach

Yesterday I decided to go to The Legian, on Seminyak beach, for lunch and eventually dinner. I’m sure you’re all bored of me posting nature photos, but I still find the views of Bali quite mesmerising.

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